Frequency Asked Questions

What is Child Policy?

As a standard Hotel policy - Child of 3-11 Years is covered under Child Policy. As a matter of fact, most designated Quarantine Hotels levy Food Cost for Child aged 3 Years and above.

What is Inter-connecting or Adjoining Rooms?

Inter-connecting are those rooms which has access between two rooms from inside. Adjoining rooms are next to each other with no access from inside. For bigger families, guest can request interconnecting Rooms for unified stay. Interconnecting room are rare and costly.

Can I get Indian Vegetarian / Halal Food from designated Hotel Meal Package?

Very countable hotels provide authentic taste Indian / Halal Meals as part of their Quarantine Package. Kindly contact Golden Travels +852 46225055 for more information.

Can I get Indian Vegetarian / Halal Food from designated Hotel Meal Package?

Very countable hotels provide authentic taste Indian / Halal Meals as part of their Quarantine Package. Kindly contact Golden Travels +852 46225055 for more information.

Can I book Room Only Rate? Can we Order Food from Outside or get it delivered to hotel?

As per the current norms and hotel policy, guest rooms are to be booked with meals. Outside Food through Food Apps is mostly allowed by hotels. Policy gets chance on time to time. Also, if the hotel location is far from the Food App service location, then food is not delivered. Few Hotels has policy that only Friends & Family can drop off the food. Alcoholic Beverages are mostly denied.

Does Windows in Quarantine Room open? Can I smoke in the room?

As per the policy, windows are not allowed to be open. As per the policy, smoking is strictly prohibited.

Can I move outside room during my quarantine stay in the hotel?

As per the CHP (Centre for Health Protection) / Department of Health (DOH) guidelines, guest in quarantine mode is strictly not allowed to exit the room before compulsory completion of quarantine period of 7/14/21 Nights.

Does Designated Hotels take mandatary room deposit while we check-in?

Room Deposit Policy depends on individual hotel. Deposits are charged in range of HK$2000-5000 per room and is returned during check out after deduction of any incidental charges. Kindly retain deposit receipt.

Can I request change in food menu during my staying period?

Most of the budget hotels does not entertain food menu change request once selected.

Does the Room Cost include Wi-Fi?

Yes, most hotels have Wi-Fi included in the package. Speed depends on the hotel category (3*/4*/5*) and overall guest occupancy in the hotel during your period of stay. Device policy depends on hotel to hotel.

Disclaimer - Above Questions are formulated after receiving the same from our guests. Response can be different from time to time and depends on hotel policy and situation. Golden Travels will try its best to assist its esteemed guest.

How many guests are allowed in a room?

Hotel Room policy varies from hotel to hotel. Most hotels have room policy of maximum 3 guests (02 Adult + 01 Child or 01 Adult + 02 Child). Child is considered in age group of 3-11 Years at the time of check-in. There are Family Rooms in few hotels which can accommodate 04 Guests (02 Adult + 02 Child or 03 Adult + 01 Child or 01 Adult + 03 Child) – kindly contact Golden Travels at +852 46225055 for more relevant information and updates.

Can I ask my friend or family member to drop-off goods before I check-in and will it be delivered to my room?

Most hotels agree and allow. You need to ask you friend or family member to mention Exact Guest Name as per booking done with Staying Period / Confirmation Number. Delivery Restrictions depends on respective hotel policy.

Is there a provision to rent exercise equipment in the hotel room?

Few Hotels have this provision. You may contact Golden Travels at +852 46225055 for information.

What is the cancellation policy if I did not turn up on my check-in date before arrival into Hong Kong?

There are various conditions attached to it. Few hotels do one time date change without levying penalty if before departure from location the guest is detected with Covid Positive, or Flight got cancelled. Few hotels retain the booking amount for future Quarantine Stay of the guest under condition of Covid Positive or Flight Cancel. All such approvals depend on hotel’s discretion after submission of relevant proofs.

What is the cancellation / date amendment policy if I am detected Covid Positive after my arrival into Hong Kong or during staying period in hotel?

If Guest is detected as Covid Positive after arrival into Hong Kong than hotel has the right to charge full amount. In most scenarios it is case to case basis and formal application is to be done along with documentary proofs. If guest is detected Covid Positive during stay period, then Guest is fully charged, and many hotels also demand room cleaning (disinfection) charges from guest directly or deduct from deposit. Golden Travels will assist its best on case-to-case basis.

Is Mild or Moderate Cooking allowed in the Guest room?

To the best of our knowledge and update, it is strictly prohibited to do any type of cooking in the guest room unless hotel room is equipped with hotplate or microwave and is pre-approved by hotel.

What is the surety on availability of Baby-Cot (for infant) and specific bedding type (twin / double) during check-in?

It is recommended to request before time for Baby Cot for your infant. While receiving the booking, Golden Travels will by default request Baby Cot for infant (up to 2 years age) but availability is not guaranteed. Bedding Type is on hotel discretion and can only be requested while making reservation and upon hotel check-in personally by guest.

How is Room Cleaning and room amenities replenished during Quarantine Stay?

Many hotels Do Not replenish room amenities. They provide one time supplies during check-in. House-keeping services are prohibited inside room. Kindly carry garbage bags which can be disposed outside the room entrance door (without stepping out) after self-cleaning the room.

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